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Resin Plants
Resin plants find their usages in the production of pool balls, circuit boards, laboratory counter-tops, adhesives and coatings. These are also used for making friction linings, oil well proppants and more. Resin plants are suitable for reaction, mixing and heating applications.
Storage Tanks
Storage tanks are manufactured by using top grade stainless steel material. These are known for storing chemical liquids like fuels, gas, oil etc. Raw materials can also be stored in these highly spacious storage tanks. Appreciated for corrosion free body and longevity.
Mixing Tanks
Mixing tanks are utilized for blending diverse types of compounds together. For achieving a good consistency and finished product, these devices are perfect to use. Mixing tanks have high storage properties and resistance from abrasion & leakage. Admired for speedy performance and reliability.
Limpet Reactor
Limpet reactors are eminent in controlling the temperature of reactants. These are employed for heating applications and usages in which medium heat transfer is required. Limpet reactors are highly effective, easy to install, operate and maintain. Also, featured with automatic alarm and digital time.
Jacketed Reactor
Jacketed reactors reduce viscosity of high viscous fluids and removing elevated heat of reactions. These are largely used as chemical reactors in several industries. Jacketed reactors are accustomed with PLC control and AC motor for better functioning and experience.
Chemical Reaction Vessel And Kettle
Chemical reaction vessels and kettles have numerous applications such as polymerization, hydration, esterification, oxidation, hydrolysis, and more. These are effective in carrying out chemical reactions such as condensation, reduction, and hydrogenation. Chemical reaction vessels and kettles have high volume, sturdiness and durability.
Reaction Vessel
Reaction vessels are processed for containing reactants that are being used in the reaction. These are widely admired for chemical reactions like esterification, hydration, condensation, hydrogenation and reduction. Reaction vessels are easy to install, operate and require low maintenance.
Vessel Tanks
Vessel tanks are found in industrial applications like holding gases and liquids. These are highly spacious and can easily contain fluids and finished products for later processes. Vessel tanks are ideal for liquid nitrogen and compressed natural gas.
Melting Tanks
Melting tanks are manufactured in a manner that they can heat up semi-liquids and liquids. These are used for providing a constant temperature for the heating and melting procedure. Melting tanks are integrated with operating panel for setting temperature digitally.

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